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When Nicolas Chabert was casting for a name for his new perfume company he chose 06130 -  the postal code for Grasse, centre of the fragrance universe and seat of the Chabert family. With only six scents in the line, the focus is on quality ingredients and good taste as opposed to trends or creating ground breaking scents. And Cèdre is right in line with this philosophy.

Labeled a masculine scent, it opens quietly with bergamot and violet, not lavender, the go-to note for most men’s frags. The violet is gorgeous – plump, luscious, dirty and wild. Citrus lightens it up so it never gets too skanky. As it moves to the heart cedar appears – cool and woody, it gets warm and spicy from nutmeg and cardamom. At the base sandalwood adds another dimension of woodiness, vetiver adds a green note, musk gives it body, while amber gives it the right sweet note.

06130 Cèdre is not a complex scent. It doesn’t veer off in different directions. In fact, it’s quite linear, and it stays close to the skin, like a second skin – soft, sophisticated and seductive. And while it’s categorized as a men’s frag, well, soft, sophisticated and seductive always smells good on a woman too.
Notes: violet, bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin, cedarwood, nutmeg, cardamom, sandalwood, musk, vetiver, amber
Type: EDT  
Parfumeur: Raphael Haury


Price: $5.00