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I lusted to own Or du Sérail from the first moment the sample touched my wrist. I’d read that this 2014 Naomi Goodsir scent created by Bertrand Duchaufour was focused on the tobacco note, but there was something much more going on in that opening accord than simply tobacco. The accord quickly became intriguingly lush and dense, rich and mesmerizing, which I did not expect, and as the scent developed on my skin over the next few hours, it turned out that Or du Sérail was filled with hypnotic surprises. 

Wearing it now, I’m experiencing that same hedonistic pleasure I got when I first sniffed it, only amped up several notches by the heat and humidity of mid-summer. Right out of the bottle, there is a whiff of sour fermention which quickly becomes boozy and fruity. Freshly-cut orange and mango, apple and honey and coconut, rum-soaked, make a potent brew that is tart and luscious, fruity and aromatic so that it’s sweet but not sugary. 

It’s a gourmand cocktail, layered lightly with the aroma of tobacco leaves dried in the sun, golden in colour, flavoured with wisps of hay and herbs and beeswax that add a natural earthiness to the boozy opening. As the top accord dries into the heart it shifts, becoming lighter and more airy. Soft florals emerge, wafting invisibly like the nicotiana (tobacco flowers) in my front garden when they bloom in the early evening – sweet with a teasing herbal tobacco twist. And I smell coconut again, just for a moment. 

Very slowly, Or du Sérail reveals deeper facets.  The tobacco note becomes more aromatic, cedar and woody notes are layered in, then amber, vanilla, labdanum and musks, but the notes seem to appear and rotate through the scent individually in waves rather than swirl together in a heavy dark mix, so that the base remains as textured, and as golden and luscious as the opening accord. 

Women of Algiers - Eugene Delacroix, 1834 - Wikipedia

Or du Sérail hints of decadence, it has a quiet but seductive charm from start to finish. The Naomi Goodsir site says that the scent was inspired by the Delacroix painting, Women of Algiers, which depicts the interior of a seraglio, or harem, with women lounging and smoking a hookah, the quiet interior scene decorated with exotic textures and objects and infused with a golden light. Or du Sérail captures the sensation I get from the painting, of quietly waiting in lush comfort for decadence and seduction to begin.

Tobacco is the golden core, and Duchaufour has layered it with unusual notes from top to bottom that continually surprise and delight the senses. Teasing with sour fruity sweet earthy floral woody ambery musky notes, Or du Sérail has a lush vibrancy that is cleverly restrained and stays close to the skin with a soft personal sillage that lasts all day. Everyone time I sniff my wrist I detect another facet. I absolutely love that.

Or du Sérail is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $6.00 for 1 ml.

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No matter how long the summers are where you live, they’re never long enough. We want to help you squeeze every drop out of those carefree, sun-kissed, easy-living days, so here is our “Summer 2019” Decant Pack.

These are colognes or lighter eau de toilettes which work best on everyone’s skin in hot weather, women and men, and each fragrance is chosen to make your summer smell better. Wear them this summer, and they’ll bring summer memories back to you any time you wear them. 

“Summer 2019” Decant Pack. Six summer colognes, regular $30.00 for $23.00, plus shipping.

Eau de Cologne Du Coq - Guerlain

This is one of the original colognes from Guerlain, launched in 1894. Guerlain lists the notes as: Lavender, Lemon, Bergamot, Orange, and Rosemary. Citrusy up top, an earthy character emerges from the herbs and indolic floral as it dries down, and it ends with rich woody notes. Eau de Cologne Du Coq has a clean elegance to it, with a slightly dirty edge that lifts it out of the archives and drops it into the 21st century. 

Eau Dynamisante – Clarins 

This is a hidden gem displayed in plain sight on the cosmetic shelves in your favourite department or drug store. Containing essential oils and natural extracts, it’s the perfect balance of citrus and herbs with airy floral facets. And the earthiness at the end is pure bliss, nirvana, a place to go when the real world is just too darn hot! Eau Dynamisante is like walking in a cloud of “cool” all day long.

Haute Provence- Nicolaï Parfumeur-Créateur 

Colognes make hot days bearable and this little gem, built around ‘true lavender’, is a summer life-saver! It’s the paring of lavender with iris that makes this fragrance so irresistible to me. Smooth and elegant and sweet, floral and woody. Perfect for ‘haute’ days.

Les Colognes Néroli- Annick Goutal 

It’s floral and green, with a nose-tingling freshness. Neroli paired with fresh, voluptuous orange blossom creates a gorgeous, lush tumble of white flowers on my skin. This, dear readers, is the smell of a perfect summer’s day! 

Lime Basil & Mandarin– Jo Malone

I think the Brits do some things better than others. Jo Malone’s fabulous Lime Basil & Mandarin opens with the smell of lime zest rubbed on the rim a cocktail glass, green, tart, aromatic, which sweetens ever so slightly and slowly by the addition of fresh-squeezed mandarin orange. Then the magic happens...herbal notes of basil and thyme transform the rich citrus accord into a top-notch cologne. You’ll be cool, calm, and collected all day.

Twilly d’Hermès- Hermès 

Built around just three notes: tuberose, ginger and sandalwood, it’s the way these notes are manipulated and blended that makes it so gotta-have-it! Twilly is the scent of a light-hearted fling, not a deep seduction, which makes it ideal for carefree summer days and nights.

“Summer 2019” Decant Pack. Six summer colognes, regular $30.00 for $23.00, plus shipping

Image -  - Hot August day on Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada


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