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PG24 - Papyrus de Ciane

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Perfumer Pierre Guillaume founded Parfumerie Générale in 2002 and since then he has been making some fab frags. Among my favourites is PG24 - Papyrus de Ciane.

Inpsired by Sicily’s Fonte Ciane, a pool of clear, blue water that feeds the Ciane river, it is the only place in Europe where papyrus grows wild. Once upon a time it was the centre of a paper-making industry, but in 1984 it was made a protected nature preserve and one of Sicily’s top tourist spots.

Greek mythology, or one version of it anyway, says that the Fonte Ciane was created when Ciane, a naiad, tried to stop Hades from abducting her BFF Persephone. Hades punished Ciane by turning her into a blue pool of water.

So, how does it smell? Bergamot and galbanum make the opening citrusy and green, neroli appears and sweetens them a bit. As it blooms it gets more aromatic from lavender.   Leathery labdanum and smoky incense appear and clove warms it up and adds a hint of spice. At the base Mousse de Saxe gives it a mossiness along with a gorgeous licorice/leather accord that is just heart-stoppingly beautiful. Vetiver acentuates the greenness and musk gives a woodiness and softens the whole composition.

This gorgeous complex scent is a pleasure to wear.

Notes: Bergamot, galbanum, neroli, broom, lavender, clove, incense, cistus labadanum, vetiver, Mousse de Saxe, white musk

Type: EDP

Parfumeur: Pierre Guillaume

Price: $5.00