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Après l'Ondée

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For a serious perfumista like I am, visiting Guerlain in Paris is akin to visiting a holy place. The art of perfumery was elevated and modernized by Jacques Guerlain, and many of the scents created by his company in the early 1900's continue to be the benchmarks against which all others are measured.  Tastes change through time, but great art does not.

Luca Turin in Perfumes - The Guide states that Après l'Ondée is - "one of the twenty greatest perfumes of all time". I didn't read his review until after I'd bought a bottle - I had bought it because it was so unusual and different. He describes it as "heavenly heliotrope", Guerlain describes it as a powdery floral "tender, delicate, subtle - evokes a stroll through dewy underbrush - misty pastel shades celebrate the weather after the rain - discreet".
Après l'Ondée opens with almondy violet notes, pale and spring-like, and then becomes more haunting as the iris note starts to emerge. Aniseed and carnation, then herbs - thyme, rosemary and sage - give this scent weight, and bring it back down to earth before it floats away like a helium balloon. The slightly spicy scent floats softly in the air, wafting by your nose gently and enticingly as the day goes by. 
This fragrance is definitely one of the all time greats.
Notes: soft mimosa and violets, herbs, powdery iris
Type: EDT
Perfumeur: Aimé Guerlain

Price: $5.00