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November 2018

  • Korrigan – Caramel, woods, leather – a shape-shifter

    I’m at the dentist, waiting for my appointment with the hygienist.

    Ping! A text. Oh good, a distraction from thinking about the pending torture. It’s from my daughter.

    “I’m in Jovoy in Paris right now – I can’t believe this store! I want to buy you a gift. Which perfume do you want?”

  • Samsara Parfum Extrait – Deeper, creamier, more lush.


  • Holiday Season Decant Pack 2018

    Gwen: Hey, Kay, the first snow fall of the season last night inspired me to look up some of our past blogs on Christmas. They’re kinda fun.

    Kay: We sure had fun writing them!  Our readers always love the decant packs that we offer for the Holiday season.

    Gwen: Well, let’s give them a little Christmas cheer this year too.

    Kay: Am I thinking what you’re thinking?

    Gwen: I think you are.