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Hey folks, save up to 25% on our decants....

Did you know that you can save up to 25% on our decants if you're buying from the USA, or outside Canada? Our prices are listed in Canadian dollars, and due to recent currency re-valuations the $USD, for example, is now worth 25% more than our $CAD (approximately). For example:

CAD$4.00 decant price = USD$3.00 after conversion

Our new site is coming - soon!

Our new site is coming -  soon! Everything will work perfectly. Please bear with us...

“Garden Smells” Decant Pack

Spring garden in Toronto -

Gwen: “Hi Kay. Thought I’d give you a call to see what you’re up to.”

Kay:    “I’m outside on the deck, watching the garden grow”

Gwen: “Sounds like you’re gonna be awhile.  Want me to call back in a couple of months?”

OOPS! We're sorry but we have technical difficulties....



Hacivat – Citrusy, warm, woodsy non-gendered perfection

Hacivat 50 ml. bottle, and illustration from packaging

The snow has disappeared finally, and the air smells different. I can smell spring. Time to change up the perfume wardrobe. 

OOPS! Our tech consultants are hard at work....

We're experiencing technical difficulties accessing our BRAND database, which affects the Decant Store listings.

Products are listed instead by Fragance Family, eg. Floral, Citrus, Oriental, Woody, Aromatic, etc. instead of by brand. This is temporary and does not affect ordering, just slows down the SEARCH to locate what you want.

The best solution is to use the SEARCH box - just enter the name of the fragrance you want to read about or order....

INTENSE CAFÉ – Aromatic, warm, and addictive

Goddess – Indolic and warm, captivating and powerful

Goddess 30  ml. - LUSH Gorilla Perfume 

This is what months of COVID living has wrought: 

1. My husband and I now share the same thoughts at the same time, even in our dreams. We are one big brain.

2. My husband now fully comprehends and believes that I am, indeed, a goddess. 

True story:

Chamade – Two perfumes in one – a masterpiece.

Champs Elyseée, Paris

Last week Gwen wrote about Patchouli Ardent, a Guerlain fragrance, which you can read about - just click the link. 

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