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Bois d'Orage (French Lover)


If men wear scent, I think it's important that their "significant other" really like the scent, too. For that reason, I decided to buy my husband a new scent for his birthday.

I'd read about Frédéric Malle's perfumes which are all created by different noses, and tracked them down at Barney's in NYC. I fell in love with French Lover - called Bois d'Orage in the US (the name was changed for the US market after 9/11 - too bad - French Lover is a great name for a fragrance).

It starts out dry and sharp, like sweat and stale cigar smoke - iris, vetiver? -  then starts to evolve into a warm mysterious, woody drydown with the merest hint of amber. Perfectly masculine, and tenacious - the next-day scent on skin and clothing is SEXY!!


Notes: cedar, vetiver, iris, incense, musk

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Pierre Bourdon

Price: $9.00