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Bois de Violette

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Bois de Violette is one of the three Serge Lutens Exclusives that I love, and own. Not being a floral lover, I was late to the party for this fragrance. I tested all the Serge Lutens Exclusives at the Palais Royale store in Paris over a period of three days, and I finally forced myself to sniff this on Day Three. Quel surprise! - it is amazing!!

I included it in the Woody family because the top-notes fly out of the bottle directly from a spring forest. I can smell wet cedar, young green groundcover, including mint, slightly sour damp compost, and the faintest green violet note.

The middle stage showcases the violet as it sweetens, but the scent remains very distant from a fruity candied-violet........this violet remains deeply rooted in the forest, protected by its green leaves, and the towering resinous trees it's growing under.

The final drydown is the fully bloomed violet flower, pure and vital. And its ethereal scent will waft by and bring you back to that still place in the forest for a moment or two, before you go back to living your day.
Notes: cedar, soft violet blossoms, violet leaves
Type: EDP
Parfumeur: Christopher Sheldrake

Price: $8.00