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Borneo 1834

rare woods image.

Borneo 1834 is one of my three favourites from the Lutens Exclusives. It is an incredibly dark dry scent, opening with a shocking blast of bitter cocoa powder, and what? ground coffee?? - what is that smell??
That other smell is patchouli - but it's a patchouli that I've never smelled before. Patchouli leaves, vegetal, earthy, not the least bit sweet or hippy-ish.
Blended with the chocolate, a new note emerges which has a hint of licorice. Cardamom spice, mahogany and ebony woods, galbanum and labdanum resins smooth out and complete this tantalizing scent, which stays close to the skin all day.
Borneo 1834 is not a sweet scent, but is deep, dark, and delicious - like really expensive dark chocolate. Try some - it's good for you.
Notes: cocoa, mahogany, patchouli, cardamon, labdanum
Type: EDP - Haute Concentration
Parfumeur: Christopher Sheldrake

Price: $6.00