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Bulgari Black

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Bulgari Black

Black has a reputation for being 'weird' because it smells like smoldering rubber, which frightens some people off - who wants to smell like a burning tire? But labeling it 'weird' does this gem a disservice.

It opens with a slight smell of smoldering rubber - this comes from the  Lapsang Souchong tea which gives it a bit of a smoky edge, not a harsh acrid smell, and is soon followed by rosewood and cedarwood, vanilla and musk which soften and round out the rubber smell making it a real swooner.

Black isn't shy or bold, but it does have a beautiful presence, and you won't smell a bit like burning rubber, you'll just smell divine!

Black is one of the all time great scents...... a very distinctive scent. Whenever I wear it, and I wear it a lot, I get noticed – in a good way.

Notes: tea, cedar, rosewood, amber

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Annick Menardo

Price: $5.00

Black is...

To use the words I discovered in an article about "today's teen slang"--this fragrance is ill! It's sick! It's uber! In fact, it's uber-fly and wicked sweet. Frankly, I'd go so far as to say it's epic. Maybe even dumb epic.

I like it. A lot.

Re: Black is...

It is true dope! In fact, I would say it's GTB - gym/tan/Black.