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“How men can smell great” Pack


Four fabulous Fall scents for men, that men – and women – will love!
Lonestar Memories – Tauer Perfumes – Andy Tauer’s homage to the American cowboy, the smell of a campfire, of worn leather gloves and saddles, grass and woods. It’s a rugged man in a bottle!
New Haarlem – Bond No.9 – Along with a five o’clock shadow, it’s a real neck-nuzzler. It’s a delicious roasting coffee scent at first, mixed with green grass and cedar, and then dries down into warm woodiness, with coffee and a hint of herbal patchouli. Sexy man smell.
Tabacco – Odori - Tobacco isn’t just a note in this frag. This is a rich, gorgeous bottle of tobacco-topia, resinous, aromatic, woody and fresh. Male perfection.
Vive L’Empereur – Christian Louis - Leather, woods, and smoke , a tribute to Napoleon, a leather frag for a strong man, a leader, a man of character! Superb!

Price: $17.00