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“Party Style” Packs for Women and Men - Holiday 2018


Gwen: Can you believe that the Holiday Season is here already? Wasn’t it summer just a blink ago?

Kay: Yeah, we have to go to a party this Sunday, a house-warming a week from today, we have two birthday celebrations this month and our anniversary! And more invitations are rolling in.

Gwen: Tell me about it! What with weddings, babies, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, vow renewals – yes, there are parties for this now – retirements, and “I-just-feel-like-celebrating-so-come-on-over” spontaneous gatherings, there’s a lot of getting-together going on all year round! 

Kay: It’s exhausting! And then there’s always the problem of what to wear! Everything I own is black or grey and boring. So what the heck am I gonna wear? And don’t tell me to look in my closet again because there’s nothing there.

Gwen: Don’t worry about that…just wear a spectacular fragrance!

Kay: Just wear a fragrance????

Gwen: I mean, do your basic black and switch it up for each event with a spectacular fragrance. People won’t even notice what you’re wearing when they discover how darn good you smell.

Kay: Hmmm, great idea, pal. Some of my new frags from 2018 would definitely make me smell way better than “darn good”.

Gwen: You’ll smell spectacular, you’ll have charisma, you’ll have   “Party Style”….

Kay: I’ll be styling! I’m gonna spritz up. It’s party time!

Gwen: Hey! I think our readers would like in on this styling, too. Let’s do Decant Packs.

Kay: I’ve got the women covered.

Gwen: And I have the most perfect, the most excellent, scents for men!

Kay: “Party Style” Women, “Party Style” Men. Smell spectacular and everyone will say how great you look! Great little gifts, too!

Gwen: Laissez les bons temps rouler, cherie!

“Party Style” Women

1 ml. decants  of three spectacular “party” fragrances for $12.00, regular $15.00

NARCISO EdP – creamy and musky and seductive

In its perfectly elegant white-cube glass bottle with the nude-colour square cap, Narciso EdP is a truly beautiful radiant floral that makes me feel effortlessly alluring every time I wear it. Musky florals, rose, gardenia are deepened by vetiver, woods and more creamy musks so that Narciso Edp simply glows.  Turin and Sanchez label it Five Star, and it’s a Five Star in my book, too.

Nerotic - hypnotic and sensual and erotic

From hard-edged and dense tart citrus and red fruit notes to spice and herbs to an ambered heart with warm woods through to darkly erotic leathery and smoky notes, Nerotic is unpredictable, unsettling, provocative, hypnotic. It’s also sensual yet sophisticated, a brilliant illustration of perfumer Cécile Zarokian’s lush aesthetic style. Great on guys, too, if you dare to share.

Slowdive - earthy and honeyed and exotic

Tobacco and white flowers and honeyed resins and beeswax, this Hiram Green fragrance teases my nose and brain and wins my heart every time I wear it. It’s the most unique interpretation of honey that I’ve experienced in a fragrance. In hot weather it makes the summer air almost palpable, languid and intoxicating; in cold weather the earthy resins make Slowdive exotic and seductive.


“Party Style” Men

1 ml. decants  of three excellent “party” fragrances for $12.00, regular $15.00.

Dirty English – deep and dark and delicious

It opens spicy and warm from exotic peppered mandarin and cardamom – kind of like a wink that says ‘follow me’ to its pungent piney, woody, irresistible heart. Dirty English has resinous, animalic swagger that makes it the centre of attention at any party.

Camel - resinous and spicy and woody

When you want to be an exotic party-animal, reach for a sprtitz of Camel. Dried fruits, frankincense, rose, myrrh, civet – this is the smell of a caravan traveling through the Arab desert. The smell of pack animals, the marketplace, exotic treasure now being moved across the desert, all mingle together in the desert air. It’s the smell of adventure – and that is never seasonal.

New York – elegant and warm and woody

This is a gentleman’s scent for those celebrations where your inner  party animal is on a leash and let style, elegance and sophistication be seductive. New York is one of the world's great scents. Created by Patricia de Nicolai, it is classic elegance in a modern perfume. A warm, spicy start to a woody heart with a vanilla, leather and amber base, New York is one smooth operator.


“Party Style” Women Decant Pack is listed in our Decant Store.

Three 1 ml. decants of spectacular “party” fragrances for $12.00, regular $15.00

“Party style” Men Decant Pack is listed in our Decant Store.

Three 1 ml. decants of excellent “party” fragrances for $12.00, regular $15.00.