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“Patchouli Lovefest” Pack


Four fabulous patchouli scents in one package - 4 decant samples,  containing .7ml of the following:


Borneo 1834 – Serge Lutens
Borneo 1834 is an incredibly dark dry scent, opening with a shocking blast of bitter cocoa powder, and what? what is that smell?? It’s patchouli - but a patchouli that I've never smelled before. Patchouli leaves, vegetal, earthy, not the least bit sweet or hippy-dippy.

Elixir Patchouli – Réminiscence
Launched in 2007 by Réminiscence, the French boho jewellery and clothing store, Elixir Patchouli is a more intense, richer version of their signature Patchouli scent. Resinous, exotic and luxurious – patchouli perfect!

Patchouli Patch – L’Artisan
What you get is an herbal patchouli blast with the topnotes, and then it lightens and starts to float with an almost herbal licorice note, that evolves into an earthy woody accord. Highly seductive and addictive.

Portrait of a Lady – Frédéric Malle
Portrait of a Lady is the 19th frag in the Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle line. Created around the lush, opulent Turkish rose, it includes berries, oud and spices. Patchouli, another good friend of rose, adds earthiness as well as woodiness, which is amplified by sandalwood. It’s a swooner!


Price: $12.00