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“Rose is Back” Decant Pack


“Rose is Back” Decant Pack – four “modern rose” perfumes in .7ml decants for $14.00 + shipping
Incense Rosé – Tauer Perfumes - Floral Woody
The gorgeous accord of rose and incense notes is divinely balanced, never dark or heavy, but full of aromatic richness....sigh.
Rose d’Amour – Les Parfums de Rosine - Floral Fresh
What makes Rose d’Amour so special is that it has a glamourous vintage feel, it’s made for a night on the town, and it never drifts near the dreaded “old-lady” territory.
Hippie Rose – James Heeley - Chypre Floral
Hippie Rose has a powerful “come hither” factor. So perfect for young perfumistas who don’t wanna smell like their mothers, but who also don’t wanna smell like their friends.
Sideris – Maria Candida Gentile - Floral woody
Sideris has a lush feminine beauty with great warmth, but not a hint of vintage heaviness. It’s a modern seductress with just the right amount of flesh on her bones.

Price: $14.00