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1000 Kisses Deep

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Lush Gorilla perfumes each tell their own story. 1000 Kisses Deep was created by owner Mark Constantine for his wife, and is his expression of the depth of the love shared by the couple as they’ve raised their family and built their business together through the years.    

“When you've been with someone for over a thousand kisses, you know you've found something real. This romantic perfume is a tribute to devotion, capturing all the nuanced sweetness that comes with a love that's lasted…”

The opening of this fragrant love story is the most sparkly, juicy mandarin orange, citrusy sweet with just the perfect amount of tart zestiness. It’s tantalizing, and if I close my eyes I can almost taste the mouth-watering just-squeezed just-poured tang of the small bright orange. This opening is bursting with tempting sensation. Like new love, I want more…

The 1000 Kisses Deep story then takes a long deep dive into a dense bouquet of heady white florals. This smells so beautiful and natural. The sweet but fresh mix of orange blossom, honeysuckle, and the creamy, slightly boozy apricot note of osmanthus blossoms, is almost heart-stopping in its perfection. I feel like I’m actually inside the blossoms. As the accord opens up, faint wafts of lemon and mown hay are released by the essential oils, tempering the sweet floral mix. I’m transported right into a country garden where the bees buzz and these delicate white blooms bask in the afternoon sun. Life is good, love is strong…

The 1000 Kisses Deep story ends with a dry-down filled with the comfort of familiar aromatic resins, labdanum and myrrh, which layer an ambery earthy warmth over the florals. Musk notes deepen its sensual appeal, adding a bit of salt to the sweet, stoking the desire to lean in for another kiss. Love continues…

Blended from natural oils and absolutes, the scent is beautifully balanced and full yet wears lightly on skin with a quiet personal waft, and is quite long-lasting compared to many natural scents.

Notes: Mandarin, osmanthus, labdanum, myrrh, musk

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Mark Constantine

Price: $5.00