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Agent Provocateur


Agent Provocateur was launched in 2000 by the British lingerie retailer of the same name.

Known as much for their playfully kinky boudoir accessories are they are for their bold, top of the line lingerie, Agent Provocateur, their first fragrance is sexy, seductive and provocative.

It opens with saffron, warm and spicy along with luscious magnolia. As it blooms a floral heart of rich and heavy rose, jasmine and gardenia unfolds, all warmed by the saffron which lingers from the opening. The rose dominates here, making the heart opulent and exotic.

As it moves to the base, cedar wood adds a woodiness, while vetiver, moss, amber and musk come forward and envelope the rose giving it an animalic dirtiness that plays off the floral heart making it seductive, provocative and erotic.

Coming from a lingerie line, you’d be forgiven if you thought Agent Provocateur might smell like dirty knickers. It doesn’t at all, but it does smell of the hint of sexual adventure.

This is not a shy scent and a little goes a long way, but that’s the nature of seduction, isn’t it?
Notes: saffron, magnolia, rose, jasmine, gardenia, vetiver, moss, cedar wood, amber and musk

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Christian Provenzano


Price: $4.00