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Amber & Lavender




Jo Malone's Amber & Lavender was originally introduced for men and is still listed in their Men’s section as “cultivated and cosmopolitan” but it has become a favourite for women too, because of its uniquely wonderful dry-down. 

Bursting with limey bergamot, cool mint and bitter-orange petitgrain, the opening accord smells fresh and citrus-bright. And then the French lavender appears in all its purple splendour, aromatic, slightly camphorous and earthy and mossy, skewing the accord toward masculine with the clean balmy scent of an upscale barbershop. 

As Amber & Lavender warms on the skin and dries into the heart, the lavender accord sweetens somewhat with floral notes from lily-of-the-valley, and becomes lightly spiced with clove and cinnamon. These notes add delicious warmth and depth, then the lavender changes again, layered with notes of honey and hay… bees are buzzing in the summer heat… and the accord begins to really mellow. 

Myrhh and patchouli add softness and a sensation of dark mystery as Amber & Lavender dries down into the base, but it’s the amber note that opens up this fragrance into non-gendered splendour. Amber, the traditional Oriental note which is a mix of sweet resinous balsams and vanilla, can be overpowering but in Amber & Lavender it’s paired to perfection with the lavender accord, wrapping the aromatics  with a cozy woody warmth, building on the sensuality. The sillage is controlled but projects enough to be noticed, in the best way, and the dry-down becomes a soothing meditative waft that lasts for hours, which helps a day in the office just whiz by. 

After wearing it for a few days, I agree – the dry-down is wonderful!

Notes: bergamot, lavender, mint, lily-of-the-valley, clove, cinnamon, myrhh, patchouli, amber.

Type: EdC

Perfumer: Jo Malone




Price: $6.00