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Ambre Fétiche  is part of an Annick Goutal  set of three perfumes, called Les Orientalistes - the other two are Myhrre Ardente and Encens Flamboyant. This winter I'm in love with the rich leathery Ambre Fétiche (Amber Fetish).

The top is heavy and creamy sweet at first, which I totally expect with a perfume labelled Orientalistes. What I don’t expect so soon, and what pulls me in, is the puff of piney smoky resins which lies underneath the sweetness, and which is followed by notes of leather soaked in vanilla. Dry iris and smoky benzoin appear, and the accord created by the total mix is almost hypnotizing – softly sweet, exotic, deliciously earthy and musky – and it has a subtle but very rich character whose warmth stays with you for hours.

And the thing about Ambre Fétiche, the thing that makes it quite different from the other two perfumes in the set, is that it’s really “alive” on the skin.

Notes: frankincense, labdanum, styrax, benzoin, iris, vanilla and leather.
Type: Parfum
Parfumeurs: Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen


Price: $6.00