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Launched in 2004 by Italian fashion house Etro, Anice (which is ‘anise’ in English) is a gorgeous summer scent built around the licorice aspect of the herb.

It opens with cool, green anise and citrusy bergamot. It smells of sweet licorice, which is what anise smells like as well as an herbal note which also belongs to anise. Rosewood adds a peppery warmth to the scent moves to the heart. Here there is more anise, its licorice aspect bumped up by spicy caraway with dill highlighting their herbal aspects. A note of fennel-like jasmine gives it a floral dimension while orris adds a lovely earthiness. At the base, warm spicy cumin adds another licorice aspect while vanilla adds a light exotic sweetness. Musk rounds it all out so that the drydown is not too sweet, not too green, not too harsh – just perfectly pitched.

Licorice, and the different expressions of it from anise, caraway, cumin and fennel, is the star here from start to finish. Highlighted by spicy, floral and earthy notes Anice is a soft, sheer, summer unisex fragrance that is must-try.

Notes: anise, bergamot, bois de rose, caraway, orris, jasmine, dill, German cumin vanilla, musk and amber.

Type: EDT  

Parfumeur: Jacques Flori

Price: $5.00