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Anisia Bella, or Beautiful Anise, differs from other licorice scents by pairing citrus notes with the featured licorice note instead of vanilla, or florals, or spices. It starts with mandarin citrus at the top which blends into a tangy green freshness with the sweet anise – this opening accord is so deliciously aromatic. After a few minutes the anise intensifies, taking on a really interesting bitter quality, and the citrus segues into earthy woodland violets so that the sweetness fades somewhat and Anisia Bella becomes cool, green, and airy .

In the heart, with notes of tea and cedarwood at the outer edges, Anisia Bella seems to float, herbal and softly floral, the licorice note always leading, the florals trailing behind. In the base, the florals fall away, and citrus reappears but this time as a green lime note from bergamot, mixed with herbaceous green basil. The bitter sweetness of the licorice blends to perfection with the aromatic basil and this delicious cool accord slowly becomes warmed with musk notes, and Anisia Bella transforms into a soft but more dark and sensuous skin scent.

Anisia Bella is unusual. It’s herbal, bitter-sweet, green, not strong or overwhelming, more aromatic than perfume-y in the traditional sense, much more a scent from Nature. I happen to love the bittersweet scent of black licorice and I also love the scent of greens. I grow and cook with aromatic herbs and I have big pots of lemon and licorice basil growing on our back deck all summer to use in salads and savoury dishes. So I “get” Anisia Bella, and I’m looking forward to wearing it as the weather warms up. It’s a natural sophisticated scent that works well for both men and women, if you like the scent of anise, and it makes me want to open the doors and windows, get outside and feel the sun again. I think Spring must be here.

Notes: orange, licorice, musk, violet, cassia, green tea, basil, jasmine, star anise, cedar and bergamot.
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Aurelian Guichard.



Price: $5.00