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Assassin, from the Australian niche brand budparfums, is a woody spicy fragrance, Assassin opens with a sparkly fruity green wave, underscored with a cat-pissy note of perhaps juniper or galbanum (no notes are listed). This opening accord makes its statement then soon begins to soften into a heart of aromatic spices- nutmeg and saffron? - scattered over the greens and what I smell as fresh–cut sweet hay.
Faint licorice notes from anise, mixed with subtle wood resins as smooth as sandalwood – is that oud? -  emerge in the dry-down, creating a warmth in the base that is soothing and mesmerizing. And there is a note in the base that I just can’t identify – vegetal, sweet/grassy, addictive. The sillage is quietly gorgeous as the diminished green and spice notes rise and fall through this exotic base accord.
Where The Gamekeeper has a sensual earthiness, this Assassin is a refined masculine scent, mysterious, restrained, with a smooth elegance. Sharply focused at the beginning, it releases its grip and softens, transforming with quiet stealth into a scent that is intriguing, different, with a magnetic beauty difficult to describe.
Be careful with Assassin because once it grabs you, you can’t escape. It will never let you forget it.
Notes: Unlisted
Type: EdC
Parfumeur: Howard Jarvis

Price: $4.00