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Victor Wong of Zoologist Perfumes in Toronto, told us he was inspired to create the Beaver scent for several reasons because it's such an important part of Canadian history, and, along with the maple leaf, is our national symbol.
To help him make the beaver come alive in his scent-world, Victor asked perfumer Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes from the Edge, who is an independent perfumer based in Shropshire, England, to lend a hand. Victor sent Chris his creative brief, his verbal  description of the scented animal – the smell of his lodge, his wet fur, the pond, the water, the trees, the greenery, the bog, the warm air, the cold air. Then they worked closely by e-mail, phone, Skype, and Royal Mail to get to the final version. Victor said they’ve never met in person, but the result of their arms-length collaboration is a totally unusual and striking fragrance!
Beaver opens with the smell of animal skank, the castoreum, a thick, oily, smoked-leather big pouf! that’s soon joined by something sweet and unmistakably floral and familiar – it’s linden blossom, which lightens the skank, makes me go ahhhh and settle into the cushions on the sofa. I immediately know I’m going to love this! It smells rich, close and warm, soft and luxurious, like fur.
Then the fragrance suddenly opens up, like surfacing from underwater into bright sunshine, and the watery vegetal notes start to emerge – grasses, marshy shoreline, peatmoss, mixed with the musky smell of the sleek furred beaver bodies. The animalic funk of the opening castoreum note remains but is softened even further as rooty iris and airy musks swirl together at the water’s edge. Notes of cedarwood bring the sun-dappled forest into this natural wet pantheon – the beaver, after all, is best known for his way with trees in water. With the addition of dark vanilla and amber in the dry-down, layered over the smoky animalics and the florals and the resinous woods, Beaver becomes mesmerizing. It plays on my skin for hours, and has an intimate sillage that I find infinitely appealing.
Beaver is a scent about a fascinating animal, rather than an animalic scent. I think that Victor Wong and Chris Bartlett have done an incredible job of creating a scentscape of the beaver in his natural world, and truly captured its beauty as well as its intelligence in this debut Zoologist scent. 
Notes: Notes: linden blossom, fresh air, musk, light citrus, castoreum, iris, vanilla, smoke, undergrowth, animal musks, ash, cedar, amber
Type: EdP
Parfumeurs: Chris Bartlett and Victor Wong

Price: $5.00