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Beloved Woman – I can change my mind – October 17, 2014 New Fragrance Listing

Image - - Cate Blanchett at Sydney Film Festival 2011 - by Paul Cush, June 8, 2011

“I’m certain I”ll love the newest Amouage, Journey Woman – it’s a leather.” I say to Gwen as we enter the chic new little fragrance shop called Niche Essence in North Toronto. “You know me and leathers”.

We're late for the official opening, but what can you do?...driving in this city at any time of day or night is akin to entering the Matrix or being sucked into a Black Hole. Frazzled, sweaty, and apologetic, we're warmly welcomed and are soon sipping champagne, nibbling canapés, and sniffing fabulous niche fragrances, all of which have an immediate calming effect.

Half an hour later, I’ve changed my mind. The new Amouage fragrance, Journey Woman, a fruity floral leather, has been replaced on my “love list” by Amouage Beloved Woman. This woody floral is a 2012 release exclusive to Bergdorf’s in NYC for the launch, which was probably why it wasn’t on my radar. Being more of a fashionista and not a lady-who-lunches I rarely go in Bergdorf’s when I visit New York. For some peculiar reason, I always feel I’m caught in a time warp in that store, and not in a fond nostalgic way. So Beloved Woman is a surprise, in the best of all possible ways. One spritz and I'm in love.

Amouage Creative Director Christopher Chong hired Bernard Ellena, the perfumer for the Jill Sander line among others - and also brother of Hermès nose, Jean-Claude Ellena - to bring his creative brief to life:

“Beloved engages the elegance and complexity of the modern woman: strong, empowered, animated, in control.”

It was a good choice, because Bernard Ellena delivers an alarmingly beautiful fragrance that marries the elegance, and complex style of a vintage with the polished sophistication of a contemporary scent. Beloved Woman unfolds like a film starring Grace Kelly AND Cate Blanchett, a moving story from beginning to end.

The opening is one that I want to repeat again and again – herbaceous clary sage and lavender layered over soft rose, the exact definition of gorgeous aromatic, with hints of earthy funk. The rose is joined by jasmine and spices, green violet and immortelle flower with its maple-curry note, and this floral accord sweetens a little as it moves into the come-hither heart. One note isn’t featured over another, rather the accord is an abstract floral which feels restrained, but I can feel the power in Beloved Woman starting to develop.

Still waters run deep, and the fragrance evolves slowly and quietly with a slow-motion effect, becoming more complex with sandalwood and patchouli as Beloved Woman blooms and moves into the base, where the resinous woods and animalics mix with hints of fine glove leather.  In the final phase, the long dry-down, vanilla and musk add a softness and richness which becomes absolutely elegant as amber notes are released, warming the dry-down with a glow from within.  The sillage is perfectly contained, the longevity is wonderful, just a soft reminder left on my skin the next morning, forcing my hand to pick up my sample of Beloved Woman to start my new day.

Amouage is known for its larger-than-life perfumes, thirty-six of them to be exact, all statements of creative excellence and luxurious quality. We list three of them – Amouage Gold for women, a floral and much more - Jubilation XXV, which features incense and much more - and Fate Man, spice and woods and much more. You can read our stories about these exceptional fragrances by clicking on the links.

Although Beloved Woman follows the Amouage style, it is so very different from the others. More refined, less “big” floral and less of the "much more", more balanced, it has an inner glow rather than a raging fire in its heart. This fragrance is no sultry dark-haired bombshell with red nails and endless cleavage, demanding attention. This Woman is Beloved, a smart elegant blonde in skinny jeans and a leather jacket in control of her life. A perfume with classic bones…and that shimmering irresistible golden glow from within….

Beloved Woman is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $7.00.