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Beyond Love


Beyond Love from By Kilian is basically a tuberose soliflore, but the inclusion of the animalic base notes gives it a soft sexiness that I find compelling.  Tuberose now smells “right” to my nose, but I’m a musk hound ( I bought Brent Leonosio’s ultimate musky skank-fest, Untitled #8 – and like it!)  For me, this tuberose is catnip.
Luca Turin calls Beyond Love “the best tuberose soliflore on earth” in his book Perfumes: The Guide.  I don't know if he’s right, but I respect his opinion – the man has studied and smelled more fragrance notes, and fragrances, than probably anyone else on the planet.
All I know is that Beyond Love is one of the very few tuberose scents that I can wear, and love.

Notes: Coconut accord, Egyptian jasmine absolute, tuberose concrete, tuberose absolute, green tuberose, tuberose petals accord, ambergris, tonkin musk
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Calice Becker

Price: $5.00