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In Black - The Case of the Lost Heart ( November 21, 2011 New Fragrance Listing )


The Case of the Lost Heart

A One-Act Play
SCENE: An imaginary encounter between Gwen and The Scent Detectives


Scent Detective #1, Frédéric
Scent Detective #2, Serge
Gwen – lollygagger and perfumista


The virtual head office of A cozy, book lined room, with two wing chairs on either side of a fireplace - a small table, each with a lamp, is by each chair. A perfumer’s organ is on one wall and a well-stocked wet bar is opposite the entrance to the room.

The room is in disarray, perfume blotters, flacons, and decant bottles are strewn about the room.

The present

As the lights rise, Gwen is nervously pacing back and forth, wringing her hands. The doorbell rings. Gwen races to the door and opens it.

Gwen: Are you the scent detectives?

Scent Detective #1: Yes, ma’am we are.

Gwen: Good, good, please step inside.

Gwen opens the door wide and the two detectives enter the room.

Scent Detective #2: Nice niche you have here.

Gwen: Thank you – Kay and I get that a lot. You know, when we started it we…

Scent Detective #1: Ma’am, we’d love to hang around and smell the rose scents, but we have a job to do.

Gwen: Yes, yes, of course.

Scent Detective #2: You called in and reported that your heart was stolen. Is that correct?

Gwen: Sort of. I sniffed some frags and lost my heart and I’ve been frantic trying to figure out which one of those frags stole it. That’s why you’re here right?

Scent Detective #1: Yes, ma’am. We are the scent detectives.

Gwen: Huh? When I lose something I call upon St. Anthony, the saint of lost causes.

Scent Detective #2: We know, that’s why we’re here – we heard your call, felt your frustration.

Scent Detective #1: You see, with the rise in niche fragrances, St. Anthony was getting overwhelmed with all the perfume related requests…..

Scent Detective #2: Like when someone loses a decant or can’t find the stopper to a bottle, well, it comes to us to find it.

Scent Detective #1: So they got us to head up that division.  All lost scent requests are forwarded to us now.

Scent Detective #2: We should introduce ourselves. I’m Detective Serge and this is my partner Detective Frédéric.

Gwen: You’re kidding right?

Scent Detective #1: We don’t kid around ma’am.

Scent Detective #2: We take scent very seriously and right now we’ve got
other perfumistas in distress, so let’s get to your story.

Both Detectives take out notebooks and pens and prepare to take notes.

Scent Detective #2: Where did you last see your heart?

Gwen: At Saltridges.

Scent Detective #1: And, what were you doing there?

Gwen: From time to time Nancy Salter puts on an event where she invites customers to come to the store and learn about various products she carries. A few weeks ago Kay and I were invited there to talk about perfumes. 

Scent Detective #2: Sounds pretty standard.

Gwen: Actually, it wasn’t. Nancy is a class act. She lays out great nibbles, provides sparkling prosecco. Kay and I brought perfumes and handmaps. It was great fun – there’s lots of spraying, laughing, learning and sharing going on.

Scent Detective #1: When did you notice your heart was missing?

Gwen: Well, while Kay was talking about woody orientals, my eyes drifted to the shelves of frags and there amid the Tauers, Inekes and Lubins…

Scent Detective #1:[Looking up from his notes] Wait, did you say Lubin?

Gwen: Yes, I did.

Scent Detective #1: Saltridges carries Lubin? Idole? Black Jade?

Gwen: Yep.

Scent Detective #1: [Scriblling furiously] Good to know.

Scent Detective #2: We’re getting sidetracked here. What happened next?

Gwen: Well, then I saw it.

Scent Detective #2: Saw what?

Gwen: The most gorgeous black orb of a bottle.

Scent Detective #2: What was it?

Gwen: In Black by Jesús del Pozo.

Detective #1:[whistles softly] Ohhhh, that is a beauty.

Gwen: It sure is. The moment I saw it, I felt a soft tendril of possession slide up my spine….

Detective #2: Say, Frédéric what do we know about this Jesús del Pozo?

Detective #1: Let me check my notes Serge. Hmmm, oh, here it is. [He starts to read from his note pad] Jesús del Pozo was a highly esteemed Spanish fashion designer. Born in Madrid in 1946 he opened his first fashion store there in 1974. In 1980 he launched his first prêt-à-porter collection for women. In 1992 he expanded into lingerie, jewelry, scarves and perfume. By the end of 2012 he will have 21 frags in his line. In 2006 he launched In Black.

Detective #2: Who’s the nose behind all these frags?

Detective #1: JdP collaborated with the best  - Marie Salamagne, Olivier Cresp, Francis Kurkdjian, and Christopher Sheldrake. Christine Nagel created In Black.

Detective #2: Any clue about the name ‘In Black’?

Detective #1 [flipping through the pages of his note book] Says here that JdP considered the colour black to be his muse…

Gwen: Serge, Frédéric - this is interesting and all, but what about my heart?

Detective #1: Yeah, back to you. You saw the bottle of In Black and did you smell it?

Gwen: [her eyes glazing over] I sure did.

Detective #2: What did it smell like?

Gwen: It opened with a citrusy sharp grapefruit, this is followed by fruity black cherry….

Detective #1: Sounds sweet to me….

Gwen: There was a sweetness at the opening, but black cherry is sharper and much less sweet than red cherries, so it’s only a hint of sweetness. Anyway, rose is there too and addedd a lush, rich, floral note that worked beautifully with the black cherry. As it moved to the middle, earthy iris appeared along with violet. The floral aspect was heightened and lightened by jasmine. Then a note of lush peach wine appeared – Detective #1, you’re drooling…

Detective #1: [Dabbing at the corner of his mouth with a perfume blotter] Sorry. Occupational hazard. You were saying…

Gwen: It bloomed beautifully on the skin as it moved to the base of fragrant licorice wood, animalic musk, earthy patchouli exotic vanilla and camphorous cedar. Detective #2, now you’re drooling…

Detective #2: [Blushing] Sorry.

Gwen: The earthiness and sweetness in this frag played off each other beautifully while resting on a sophisticated woody base creating a dark, potent, sumptuous scent that….

Detective #2: Stole your heart.

Gwen: What?

Detective #1: He’s right.

Gwen: Oh, come on!

Detective #2: In Black stole your heart and it’s a crime you didn’t buy it when you smelled it the first time. So here’s what you do, buy yourself a bottle, take two whiffs and call us the next morning.

They open the door and without saying another word, leave the niche.

Gwen: [Shaking her head] I’ve got to be more selective with what I sniff….

Sometime later:

Detective #2: Say, did you listen to the phone message we got from that niche chick?

Detective #1: The one who had her heart stolen by In Black?

Detective #2: Yeah her. Seems she took our advice and bought a bottle – her heart was right in it.

Detective #1: All that’s left to do on that one is the paperwork.

Detective #2: That’s gonna have to wait. Incoming – there’s a woman calling out cause she lost the stopper on her bottle of Tubéreuse Criminelle.

Detective #1: We better help her out.

Detective #2: Let’s hope we find it before she sits on it…

Detective #1: You gotta rethink the bell jars Serge….

Lights fade and the curtain goes down.

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