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Bond No. 9 Perfumista Avenue - Take a chance and live – April 22, 2016


Bond No. 9 "Perfumista Avenue" -

Yet another artist and musical genius has left our world. Yesterday my daughter wept big tears for Prince who she grew up with, he was her all-time favourite, just as I did for John Lennon before she was born.

The passing of a cultural icon like Prince affects us in both big and small ways. Our own mortality is a big thing that immediately is reflected on, life is short so grab hold and live it well, if it can happen to Prince at age fifty-seven, it can happen to me or someone I love. And the small thing? The colour purple is now forever linked with his powerful persona, the lush signature sound of Prince, symbolic of his message of love, acceptance, and human connection that was the core of his music.  That incredible music.

But let’s not talk about purple, it’s too sad-feeling right now, let’s talk about red. As in rose. If you read our posts on perfumeniche, you know that the floral throne in perfumery is shared by two very strong queens, jasmine and rose. Last week I wrote about jasmine – click here to read about Lust by LUSH/Gorilla Perfumes, which is a huge sexy jasmine that will make your head spin. This week is about rose, Perfumista Avenue by Bond No. 9, which is a huge sexy rose that will make your head spin, in the other direction. Feeling dizzy? Read on…

The rose note in perfumery is multi-faceted. It can smell fresh, vegetal, fruity, woody, sweet, spicy, powdery, romantic or seductively sexy, which is why it’s used so extensively by perfumers. It can be the star performer, or play subtly in the background, lending tremendous nuance to other notes in a fragrance. Rose absolute is the steam or solvent-extracted essential oil from rose flowers, mostly Rosa damascene and Rosa centifolia varieties grown in France, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Flowers are hand-picked either in early morning or before the dusk and extracted the same day.

Bond No. 9 is a luxury niche brand that was created by Laurice Rahme in 2003 as an homage to a great city, its dual missions to make scents of New York - every New York neighbourhood would have a scent of its own - and to restore artistry to perfumery.  So far, Bond No. 9 has delivered on its promise. We love many of their EdP fragrances and have listed some of the best:  New Haarlem, Chinatown, Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory, Fire Island, all perfectly wearable by women and men (this is New York, after all). And now Perfumista Avenue joins the list, the first New York fantasy neighbourhood, launched in 2013 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the brand. From the launch release:

“There are many who say that the template for exquisitely beautiful and accomplished women was set in New York. But Perfumista Avenue was made for women everywhere who exhibit a New York state of mind. Super-strong and determined, this is an orientalist, leather-tinged blend that modernizes the breathtakingly fresh, ultra-feminine rose (New York State’s official flower)....The overall effect is high-grade intoxication….”

This is potent stuff. Rose delivers a wake-up slap right out of the bottle, then softens a little, becoming plummy and exotically spiced with saffron and nutmeg. The dry-down is intense into the dramatic red-rose heart where patchouli and musk wrap around the floral sweetness amped up with sweet jasmine, and notes of honey and amber begin to pull the headstrong rose into the base. Saffron, earthy patchouli, and tea create a leather accord in the base, the plum keeps the rose smelling full and lush and very seductive. The dry-down is long and delicious.

This rose knows a thing or two about life on Perfumista Avenue in NYC, or anywhere.  It has a powerful and gorgeous sillage which lasts for hours - wear it and be different, be noticed. Take a chance and grab hold of a few special moments in your life, smell powerful, rich, sexy and beautiful. Perfumista Avenue in its metallic-fuschia bottle is red to the core, and oozes confidence. It’s not purple but it smells real and true. I think Prince would wear this.

Perfumista Avenue is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.