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Breath of God

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I’m pretty good at recognizing perfumes on other people, but a few days ago I caught a whiff of something on a friend that was so unusually beautiful, it stopped me in my tracks. She was wearing, she said, Breath of God.

I’d read the Perfumes The A-Z Guide review several times – T & L rate it as a 5-star. The perfume was created by Simon Constantine, as part of the B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful line, which is now sold through his family's LUSH stores as Gorilla Perfumes.

The fragrance is based on opposites – masculine and feminine, yin and yang. Don’t let the opening put you off – it’s strange, odd and weird. Some people can’t get past it, but if you do, the rewards are huge. Intensely smoky, with a green note like fresh cut flower stems (the vetiver), the opening has a medicinal rubbery smell. Almost right away the lemon and melon sweep in, forming an accord which starts to soften the bitterness and draw you in as the smoky bonfire damps down a little.

As Breath of God dries down the lemon/melon subsides, the smoke is constant but more in the background, and the scent starts to sweeten  - aromatic sandalwood, resinous cedar, and sweet amber form the next heavenly wave which smells like burning incense, with the earthy nuance of oudh. But it never gets too sweet, and finally, the musk note transforms Breath of God into a skin scent, not sensuous, but calming and spiritual, which stays soft and quiet on the skin for hours.

Breath of God from Lush is definitely NOT mainstream – not happy or playful, floral or fruity. It’s serene, meditative, memorable, and so incredibly exceptional.

Notes are neroli, lemon, melon, jasmine, rose, vetiver, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, musk

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Simon Constantine

Price: $5.00