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BRIDE Wedding Pack 2019


For your wedding day, you want something on the light side, not overpowering or room-filling. Something, that when you lean into each other, you get a calming sense of the nearness of your betrothed. Something you share just with each other in a room full of people.

BRIDE Wedding Pack 2019

Four 1 ml. decants for $12.75 plus shipping, regular price $17.00

After my Own Heart– Ineke

The name says it all. This is a soliflore based on lilac, the fresh opening of green bergamot and fruity, tart raspberry leads right to a heart of lilac with sandalwood, with heliotrope and musk contributing a soft, slightly soapy, powdery finish. It’s clean yet intimate making it the perfect wedding scent. And those lilacs! So romantic, so evocative. This is the scent of an everlasting love.

Acqua di Colonia– Santa Maria di Novella

This cologne is the perfect wedding scent. After all, it was created for Catherine de Medici for her wedding to Henry ll of France. Colognes are ideal for weddings. Long days of meeting people, eating, dancing and being centre-stage, they keep you smelling fresh throughout it all. Acqua di Colonia opens fresh and bright with lemon and bergamot. After a few minutes, white floral notes appear, along with a hint of rose, that temper the citrus so that it evolves into a lovely soft floral. Spice notes show up at the base to give it warmth and depth. It’s a beautiful combination of freshness and warmth that will carry you through the day and into the evening.

How You Love– Jazmin Sarai - Tender, pure, and soulful

With a light soothing swirl of green cardamom and sun-warmed grapefruit, How You Love soon leads into an harmonious accord of velvety rose-jasmine florals, understated and beautifully framed by an herbal-sweet citrus. The drydown reveals a soulful blend of musk and creamy sandalwood, sweetened with ambered honey and earthy beeswax. How You Love has a subdued waft and is tender, sensual and soulful… a fragrant perfection for a Wedding Day.

Morn to Dusk– Eau d’Italie – Vanilla the Italian way - sensuous and elegant

Morn to Dusk is warm, slightly floral, slightly gourmand with a sensual vibration just below the surface. It’s vanilla note is there from top to bottom but is no way sweet or foody.,It opens with vanilla tinged with citrus and white florals, the lime of bergamot, the green floralcy of lily of the valley. It’s fresh, light and airy, with a quiet energy. And then it becomes silky and smooth and very chic, with a hint of almond and grasses as it deepens into the heart. Subdued, with an intimate sillage, it is pure pleasure to wear and breathe its calming elegance all day from morn to dusk. Ah, those Italians - they understand pleasure and beauty.


Price: $12.75