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Canada Day, July 1, 2015

Today is our national holiday, Canada Day.

Most of the fragrances we own and write about originate in Europe or Great Britain or the United States but since we are celebrating our Canadian heritage and all things Canadian, today we want to feature our talented Canadian perfumers, and some of their wonderful fragrances, many of which we've written about and list in our Decant Store. So here’s the list with links to our posts about the individual fragrances….


Matthew Zhuk - Ex Idolo - Thirty –three

Isabelle Michaud - Monsillage - Ipanema Posto NoveHarricana,

Vol 870 YUL-CDGEau de Céleri

Ineke Ruhland - Ineke Perfumes -  Gilded LilyAfter my own HeartField Notes from Paris

Jessica Buchanan -1001 Perfumes - Réglisse Noire

Hiram Green - Hiram Green PerfumesMoon Bloom

Pierre Faucher - La Sucrerie de la MontagneAttire-moi


Created by Canadians, these scents truly belong to the perfume world, because beautiful fragrances transcend all borders and boundaries!

We’re happy to ship decants to wherever you live in the world, so we urge you to try some of these expertly-crafted Canadian niche scents. We’re certain you won’t be disappointed.