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Cocoa Woods

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Cocoa Woods by NEST Fragrances.  Never heard of NEST? NEST Fragrances for home and body - candles and body sprays - debuted in 2008, and the line of simple but appealing EdP sprays in the distinctive and incredibly lovely floral bottles** launched in 2012. Created by owner Laura Slatkin, working with perfumers such as Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Christophe Laudamiel, the line of simple but sophisticated and very affordable scents now numbers thirteen. Cocoa Woods from 2018 is by perfumer Jerome Epinette ( check out his fragrances for Atelier Colognes, Byredo, Jovoy, Olfactive Studio) is the twelfth, and according to the SA in Sephora, it’s the current best-seller in the line. 
Cocoa Woods is exactly as described, right from the top. Woods with cocoa. But this is a long way from a mug of steaming hot chocolate with marshmallows sipped by a campfire. This accord is bitter cocoa, dry and powdery with hints of dark-roast coffee, dusted over smooth-as-silk creamy sandalwood, wrapped in aromatic sequoia and cedar boughs. The deep forest scent is perfectly paired with the bitter cocoa powder so that neither becomes overwhelming, and together they have a real presence which is surprisingly beautiful. Somewhere in the distance are exotic white flowers and gingery spice, their waft is faint but has a subtle sweetness which softens the cocoa woods accord, making it warm and musky in the dry-down. 
Cocoa Woods is woody, powdery but not sweet, warm but not heavy, interesting and different, and very easy to wear. regardless of gender. if you’re thinking you might like a woody fragrance but aren’t ready for the deep forest, try Cocoa Woods. It's easy to love this fragrance, I know you’ll love it.
Notes:Bittersweet Cocoa, Sequoia Wood, White Sandalwood, 
Tiare Blossom, Thai Ginger
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Jerome Epinette

Price: $5.00