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Datura Noir


Launched in 2001 by Serge Lutens, Datura Noir is a gorgeous interpretation of datura plants blooming at night.

It opens with a citrus sparkle from lemon blossom and juicy mandarin followed by apricot-tinged osmanthus and almond-smelling heliotrope. These are swept up in a heady, indolic note of tuberose making the florals swirl, kaleidoscope style, sometimes stronger and sometimes fainter. A note of vanilla adds a delicious sweetness while apricot adds a dimension of bitter almond. Somewhere in the mix is a note of creamy, fatty coconut oil. The effect is like turning a light on in a dark room – everything comes to life.

The odd thing is, I can smell each note distinctly but the effect is hallucinogenic and I love it! Where there’s heliotrope and vanilla, you’ll usually find bitter almond and it’s here at the base of Datura Noir – edible and succulent. That lick of vanilla sweetness? Oh, it stays until the end, counterbalanced by Tonka bean’s bittersweet almond facet and a note of bitter, balsamic myrrh. Musk adds warmth and the smell of skin.

Datura Noir dries down to a sensuous summer skin scent – narcotic, sweet, and bitter-balanced, it’s perfectly unisex.

Notes: lemon blossom, mandarin, osmanthus, heliotrope, tuberose, vanilla, coconut oil, apricot, myrrh, bitter almond, Tonka bean, musk.

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Christopher Sheldrake

Price: $6.00