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Launched in 2007 by Les Parfums des Rosine, the niche perfume house that specializes in producing high-quality rose-based scents, Diabolo Rose is especially hard to track down because people often make the mistake of misspelling ‘Diabolo’ so it becomes the more familiar calling ‘Diablo’.

There’s no mistaking how great this frag is though.

The name ‘Diabolo Rose’ is a nod to the Parisian lemonade and mint drink favoured by children that inspired the scent. Now, don’t be fooled into thinking that the mint makes it smell of mouthwash or candy, cause if you did you’d be missing out on a one of the best rose-based scents ever.

It opens with a full, luscious rose essence, lightened by bergamot and brightened by fresh, green peppermint. The rich rose and cool mint combo is so unique and so perfectly balanced you just wish it would go no and on, but as it moves to the middle, it gets even better. The rose note at the opening is heightened at the heart by rose absolue, and highlighted by floral notes from lily of the valley and peony. The mint is echoed by the addition of earthy, green tomato leaf. At the base, evergreen maté leaves, peppermint’s best friend, adds an herbal grassiness, while sandalwood adds a soft woodiness. Amber and musk give it an animalic earthiness.

Diabolo Rose is a full, well-rounded beautifully crafted scent that takes rose and makes it fresh and earthy without compromising its lush richness.

I just like to wear it and enjoy it all day long.

Notes: Sicilian bergamot, peppermint, rose essence, lily of the valley, rose absolue, tomato leaves, peony, maté leaves, sandalwood, amber, musk

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: François Robert

Price: $5.00