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Dirty English – It catches ‘em and cooks ‘em – August 27, 2012, New Fragrance Listing



“Hey Mom, that’s the last of the boxes off the truck.”
“Thanks sweetie. You know after all that packing and driving and unpacking, I think the three of us should go out for dinner.”
“Great idea Mom, but I have a date. You and Dad should go to dinner on your own.”
“A date? You’ve only been here a few hours. Classes don’t start until next week. How…?”
“Crazy eh? Say, where’s the box with my perfumes. This is a first date and I want to make the right impression.”
“First date? That’s a pretty special occasion. What fragrance are you thinking of wearing? New York, with its classic elegance? Or how about going with exotic, aromatic Yatagan? That will really impress her. Oh, wait how about….”
“Actually, Mom, I’m going in a different direction. I’m gonna wear Dirty English.”
“Dirty English that pungent, resinous, liquid kryptonite on a first date? Are you sure? Oh, where did I go wrong? OK, we still have time to do this….on the first date you don’t eat anything green or leafy cause you don’t want to get it stuck in your teeth, you don’t want to eat garlic cause you don’t…”
“Mom, mom. I know the rules, but I have my own. I’m not worried about making a good impression. I want to make the right impression.”
“Look, on a first date there’s no sense  being on your best behaviour cause dates two through five will only be full of disappointment as those small deceptions come to light. It’s not the way to go. On the first date I like to get down and dirty. See what she’s really like. I mean, if she uses a fork and knife on chicken wings then there’s not gonna be a second date.”

I have to admit he has a point about first dates and I have to say that if I met a guy wearing Dirty English on a first date, there would definitely be a second date because this is a free-spirited, swashbuckler of a scent and you’ve just got to love the name!

Dirty English is from Juicy Couture, the American casual apparel company founded by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor in 1997. They launched the fragrance in 2008 saying in an interview with New York magazine that the fragrance is a mixture of Anglomania, CZ Guest, and a "dash of attitude inspired by a 1976 review of a Sex Pistols concert." Its name is a reference to Nash-Taylor’s husband, John Taylor of Duran Duran fame.

It opens spicy and warm from exotic peppered mandarin and cardamon – kind of like a wink that says ‘follow me’. As it progresses, the spiciness deepens as it a gets an herbal lift from marjoram. Cypress wood, ebony and vetiver root give it a pungent piney, woody irresistible heart -  so powerful, so persuasive. At the base, notes of leather, amber and musk give Dirty English its resinous, animalic  swagger. In fact, it puts the animal in animalic.

Deep dark and delicious, Dirty English doesn’t smell ‘dirty’, so much as it makes you think that way.

Some time later:

“Hey, how did that first date go?”
“Really good. We’re going on our fourth date tomorrow night.”
“So what frag will you wear?”
“Dirty English.”
“Still? I mean according to your theory, you should have moved past this phase by now.”
“Ha! Turns out we both like the Dirty English phase. I got her wearing it now too.”
“So Dirty English doesn’t just catch ‘em, it cooks ‘em too?”
“Yep. You know Mom, I think there’s a PhD in here somewhere.”

Oh, jeez.

Today, we're adding Dirty English to our decant listing. Decants are $4.00.