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Donna Karan Gold

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The lily at the opening of Donna Karan Gold is a cool, chilled flower, pale green and watery like the inside of a cucumber, smooth as fine white silk, and it is this iciness or ozonic note which tempers the unmistakable rotting vegetal  indoles which always push me away from white flower notes like lily, tuberose or jasmine. 
After a couple of minutes this coolness recedes and the lily becomes thick and creamy as the amber note mixes in, and as the dry down progresses, clove and balsam add a delicious layer of spice. Patchouli, very subtle, adds depth and darkness, providing the characteristic Donna Karan identifier – seductive warmth.
Gold has moved from watery coolness to luscious warmth, from sparkling ice to shimmering gold, while the pure scent of the lily has softened and expanded, transformed from smooth white silk to deep white fur.  The animalic amber, the clove spice, the balsam resin, the herbal patchouli make all the difference in Gold, giving it animal warmth, a hint of leather, a sensual pulse, and making it one of the most wearable lily frags money can buy.
Notes: patchouli, balsam, acacia flowers, jasmine, Casablanca lily, clove, amber.
Type: EdP
Perfumeurs: Calice Becker, Yann Vasnier, Rodrigo Flore-Roux

Price: $5.00