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D.S. & Durga Coriander


Fresh-picked coriander is the bright green leaf that completes an Asian or Indian or Mexican dish – earthy and peppery and green tasting. Known as cilantro in North America, the leaves have a light tangy slightly floral scent that becomes part of the flavor when eaten with spicy food. I happen to love the flavour, and the smell. For some, it’s a no-go. The coriander seed is a little different from the fresh leaf – it’s more salt and peppery, aromatic and nutty rather than green-earthy floral.
D.S. & Durga Coriander is all of the above at different times through the dry-down. It starts out tangy and salty, like an ocean breeze over beach grass, then the aquatic sensation transforms into a dry peppery resinous herbal accord, with notes of juniper and geranium, deepening with hints of woods and aromatic spice as it dries into the heart. I love this strong uncomplicated herbal rush – which is totally devoid of sweetness!
In the base, Coriander softens with floral and musk notes, but remains aromatic and very natural-smelling in the best possible way. I will be wearing Coriander on hot humid days, hot dry days, rainy days, all summer in fact, simply because it is different  – clear, uncomplicated, tangy, then musky, but always non-sweet, cool, and sparkling green. Although the scent sits lightly on skin, it lasts for several hours, and I can tell you from experience that it smells great on men and women.
My friend gave me her bottle of Coriander because it wasn’t what she expected. It wasn’t what I expected, either. Well, actually, I didn’t have any expectations because her gift was a surprise, but I LOVE surprises, especially when they’re from D.S. & Durga, and they are as fabulously different as Coriander.
Notes: Russian coriander, pepper, juniper needle, geranium, clove stem, clary sage, musk, magnolia, and mace.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: D.S. of D.S. & Durga

Price: $6.00