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Folowing is my conversation with a man I met at a party who was wearing Dzongkha....I asked him what he liked about Dzongkha. What did he smell in it?

"I dunno, kinda hard to put into words".

I said, "The overwhelming note I smelled when I first sniffed it was Balvenie single malt scotch- so strong that I wanted to take a gulp from the bottle. Whoa- what kinda perfume is this, I thought - but then it faded into the background after a couple of minutes and other notes started to develop. But I could still detect faint but mouth-watering whiffs of it after a few hours"

He perked up. "Scotch- WOW. You're absolutely right. That's what it smells like at the beginning. I didn't expect to smell scotch in a perfume so I couldn't put a name to it. You're a genius! So what else is in Dzongkha ? What else am I smelling that I don't know about?”

“Well, the notes listed by the perfumer probably won’t mean a whole lot to you, but because of the way Bertrand Duchaufour put them together, they translate to your nose as the smell of wet temple stones and incense, the sweet aroma of spiced chai tea, the heat of warm leather around fires, the special scent of smoky green wood, the soft floral waft of peony, lychee and iris growing in temple gardens. I think it’s a very spiritual fragrance. It’s cool, calming, meditative, and that’s what I love about it.”

“You’ve described it perfectly. It’s evocative, and balanced, like yin and yang. Not too sweet, not too heavy, not too loud. Just present. I guess that’s the meditative part. The amazing thing is that it smells different on my wife than it does on me, and we both smell great!

“That’s the spiritual part – Dzongkha takes you on your own inward journey.”
Notes: Lychee, Cardamom, Peony, Iris, Tea Leaves, Incense, Vetiver
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Bertrand Duchaufour


Price: $5.00