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Eau de Cologne Du Coq


Guerlain Eau de Cologne Du Coq is one of the original colognes from Maison Guerlain. It was launched in 1894 by Aimé Guerlain, the creator of  the iconic game-changer, Jicky, in 1889, and therein lies the reason I reach for that Bee-bottle so often. Guerlain Du Coq has the Jicky quirkiness, that genius hint of the animalic.
Guerlain Eau de Cologne Du Coq is the classic cologne, a light mixture of citrus, flowers and herbs. Spritz away! - because you need five or six hits so that you can fully experience the amazing 3-D opening. It also helps it last a little longer when you mega-spritz, since cologne has ridiculously short lasting-power. I love the opening of Du Coq! An aromatic bitter citrus accord is in the first deep inhales– the aromatic from lemon zest, the bitter from petit-grain or orange leaves – an accord which then softens into a juicier, orangey mixed-citrus accord.

The dry-down moves along quickly, so after five minutes the opening citrus starts to bloom with flowers and herbs – jasmine is listed but my nose picks up mostly lavender, and after a few more slow sniffs, some dryer dustier rosemary notes. Then I smell the jasmine more, - it sweetens the herbal accord. Patchouli? – I can’t find it, but sandalwood and oak moss I can find, completing the cologne medley, adding a creamy vanillic quality, and then I can pick up the link to Jicky. My nose zeros in on that same slightly sour undertone that is so off-putting to some perfume lovers, and so magnetic for others, like myself.

Citrusy, but with a warm earthy character from the herbs and indolic floral, ending with a slight creamy woody note, Eau de Cologne Du Coq has a clean elegance to it, with a slightly dirty edge that brings it out of the archives and into the 21st century, an edge that makes this retro scent very modern. 

Notes: orange, neroli, bergamot, lemon, patchouli, lavender, jasmine, sandalwood and oakmoss.
Type: EdC
Parfumeur: Aimé Guerlain

Price: $5.00