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Enlévement au Serail




Enlévement au Serail means “Abduction from the Harem”, the full name of Mozart’s famous opera Il Seraglio, commissioned by the Austrian Emperor Joseph ll in 1769.

The scent opens with juicy mandarin orange, peaches, soft young rose petals, and I’m loving it, thinking “Mmmm, this is nice”, but within a few minutes, things get much more interesting. Indolic jasmine starts to weave its narcotic spell, transforming this fresh scent into something much different from my first impression. Something luscious, audacious, exotic…juicy still, but definitely not fresh and young.  Tuberose and iris create a creamy opulence, the wood notes, patchouli and vanilla make the scent dark and velvety, and finally vetiver pulls all the notes into sustained focus.

Enlévement au Serail has depth and weight – it’s round, firm and fully formed  - but it’s weightless, sleek, elegant and sexy. It floats on your skin. It’s also expensive, so you can expect amazing sillage and endurance.

I don’t know where Francis Kurkdjian got his inspiration when he created this fragrance for Parfums MDCI, but I think this fragrance belongs in the Mozart category – it’s a masterpiece. Enlévement au Serail is a profoundly gorgeous perfume.

Notes:Bergamot, mandarin orange, ylang-ylang, sambic jasmine,  wallflower,Turkish rose, tuberose, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Francis Kurkdjian

Price: $0.00