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Exultat is about incense. Not the smoky church incense of CdG Avignon or the more monastic Messe de Minuit by Etro.  Exultat is a light floating incense, full of life and light which comes right from its core. Maria Candia Gentile uses natural essences in her perfumes and here she pairs frankincense (olibanum) with citrus, violet leaf and vetiver with an result that is inspired and, well - divine.

It opens with citrus which is short-lived – I smell lime more than orange – and the incense is right up front, but mixes perfectly with the bright citrus with the effect that its smoky resinous note is very subdued. Citrus is soon replaced by the totally wonderful violet leaf, slightly floral, slightly sharp but rooty, which avoids any sweetness, and then I start to smell the woody green vetiver and cedar notes, and the sun comes out from behind the clouds.
The mix of incense and violet and vetiver is extraordinary and so perfectly unique. Exultat shines, and feeds my spirit like a perfect sunny day
Notes: Lime, bitter orange, orange and olibanum, powdery violet and fresh violet leaf, woodsy notes, vetiver and virginia cedar.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Maria Candida Gentile

Price: $5.00