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Fan di Fendi Leather Essence – Sleek Italian chic – July 22, 2016

Trevi Fountain from left side, Rome, Italy - Wikipedia

In last Monday’s post about Promenade des Anglais, Gwen describes sharing memories of Nice, France with its creator Guerlain’s Thierry Wasser... “then we were off talking about our trips there, sharing what we saw, what we discovered, what we loved about it and of course how it all smelled.” Evoking memories is the thing that scents do so well, whether they emanate from places, people, animals, objects, or a perfume bottle. And sharing individual memories with another person while you are sniffing will often reveal more facets of the beauty you are experiencing right under your nose.

I recently gave my daughter my Fendi handbag which I bought in Rome a long time ago. It’s a bucket style shoulder bag with a drawstring and the iconic double-F logo imprint that fashion designer Karl Lagerfield developed for the iconic Italian brand when he began his life-long association with Fendi in 1965. It’s a classic vintage bag, she loves it and uses it all the time, it has character and a history, which I’ve shared a little bit with her.

Fendi Bucket bag -

My stories of visiting the Vatican, climbing to the top of the Colliseum,  sitting on the Spanish Steps, riding behind my boyfriend on a Vespa through the narrow back streets, swishing my hands and tossing a coin in the Trevi Fountain, savouring pistachio gelato and espresso late at night   – it was summer, it was HOT. That leather bag was on my shoulder and became a part of me, part of my Roman experience and my long stay in Europe that year.

The two of us were together last week in The Bay downtown, strolling the perfume counters.

“ Hey – Fan di Fendi Leather Essence. Does it really smell like leather?”

“Try it.” I said. We both spritzed a wrist. The glass gold-capped bottle with the metallic leather grain double-F logo on the face looked very Fendi, a sleek elegant Italian design.

“Floral” she declared flatly.

“Oriental floral”, I elaborated.

On to another counter, but two minutes later we were both drawn back to our wrists by a remarkable change in the waft as the leather accord appeared. It cut through the sweet mandarin and amber floral opening, a sensuous resiny suede note from elemi mixed with a spicy luxe rose which changed everything. Complexity had entered the picture, and now this was getting interesting.

The leather accord deepened as we talked through lunch, never heavy or masculine, more like a suede glove leather which was now paired with the faint smoky notes of incense drifting up in a vast cool cathedral. This is a perfect match with the rose, and when musk, tonka, and vanilla appeared in the dry-down, Fan de Fendi Leather Essence changed again as the leather became wrapped in  powdery elegant warmth.

Soft sensual facets from the leather continued through the long dry-down, and the waft remained steady for hours while staying close to skin. Fan di Fendi Leather Essence developed with smooth complexity and richness, its floral, leather, and musk-vanilla accords perfectly controlled, reminding me of another Italian leather fragrance I love and often wear, Bottega Veneta. Bottega Veneta is a true leather handbag scent, Fan de Fendi Leather Essence is the scent of luxurious suede clothing.

Fan di Fendi Leather Essence was created in 2014 by Delphine Lebeau, who created the original fruity-floral FdeF, and all the iterations which have followed. Fendi has always offered interesting fragrances which go beyond the mainstream taste level, the best of which seem to have been discontinued, such as Theorema and Palazzo. I love the original Fendi, a spicy floral chypre which some day I may list in our store if I can bear to part with some of my 1985 vintage bottle. In 2016, Fendi fragrances still have that Italian chic factor, and this newest release has it in spades.     

“I love this now,” she said after we paid our bill.

“Buy it,” I encouraged.

So my daughter bought a bottle, and I did too. I didn’t tell her about many other Roman experiences that were triggered when I sniffed Fan di Fendi Leather Essence. Smelling it takes me to places where I was young and deliriously happy, it brings me pure pleasure, so how could I not buy it?

As well, I’d learned from nosing around the net that the Fendi company invested more than 2.2 million euros to help restoration of the beautiful Trevi Fountain, which was completed in late 2015. Fendi CEO Pietro Beccari explained “It’s about tying us with a city that makes millions of people dream.”

Dreams are priceless, and so are beautiful memories. The thought went through my mind as I pulled out my wallet to pay that Fan di Fendi Leather Essence was worth every penny.

Fan di Fendi Leather Essence is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.