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Fan di Fendi Leather Essence

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“Floral” she declared flatly.

“Oriental floral”, I elaborated.

On to another counter, but two minutes later we were both drawn back to our wrists by a remarkable change in the waft as the leather accord appeared. It cut through the sweet mandarin and amber floral opening, a sensuous resiny suede note from elemi mixed with a spicy luxe rose which changed everything. Complexity had entered the picture, and now this was getting interesting.

The leather accord deepened as we talked through lunch, never heavy or masculine, more like a suede glove leather which was now paired with the faint smoky notes of incense in a vast cool cathedral. This is a perfect match with the rose, and when musk, tonka, and vanilla appeared in the dry-down, Fan di Fendi Leather Essence changed once again as the leather became wrapped in  powdery elegant warmth.

Soft sensual facets from the leather continued through the long dry-down, and the waft remained steady for hours while staying close to skin. Fan di Fendi Leather Essence develops with smooth complexity and richness, its floral, leather, and musk-vanilla accords perfectly controlled. 

Fan di Fendi was created in 2014 by Delphine Lebeau, who created the original fruity-floral FdeF, and all the iterations which have followed. Since 1985, Fendi has always offered interesting fragrances which go beyond the mainstream taste level, the best of which seem to have been discontinued, such as FendiTheorema and Palazzo. In 2016, Fendi fragrances still have that Italian chic factor, and this newest release has it in spades.

“I love this now,” she said after we paid our bill.

“Buy it,” I encouraged.

I bought a bottle, too. Smelling it takes me to places where I was young and deliriously happy, it brings me pure pleasure, so how could I not buy it?


Notes: Mandarin, Elemi resin, Leather, Rose, Incense Musk, Tonkin beans, Vanilla.

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Delphine Lebeau



Price: $5.00