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Field Notes from Paris – Brought to you by the letter ‘F’ (February 7th, 2011 New Fragrance Listing)



A couple of weeks ago, Kay was poking around online and found a couple of great perfume places. Now, living in Toronto we have access to some great perfume sources, but every once in a while you come across a little gem that’s just outside your area code that warrants attention. Kay has a real gift for sniffing out perfume truffles. That is how I ended up at Saltridges in Burlington, Ontario on a winter’s day.

Saltridges is a gorgeous shop that sells all kinds of lotions, potions and frags. Owners Deborah Lamarche and Nancy Salter only carry lines they love and have discovered on their travels. Saltridges is the first place I’ve come across that carries Eau du Claudie outside of Paris. They also carry Juliette Has a Gun, D'Orsay, Dayna Decker, B Essentials and Ineke.

Sniffing and chatting with Deborah was great fun, but what really brought me to Saltridges on that winter’s day was Field Notes from Paris by Ineke.

Ineke is a small indie artisanal line based in San Francisco, named for owner/perfumer Ineke Rühland. Ms. Rühland was born in Canada with a passion for fragrance. Moving to Europe in the mid-eighties, she studied perfumery at the Institut Supérieur International - Parfum Cosmétique Aromatique in Versailles. After completing her apprenticeship in Paris, she move to San Francisco and set up her own shop in 2006. Currently there are seven frags in the line, their names built around the alphabet -  ‘A’ is represented by After my Own Heart, ‘B’ is represented by Balmy Days and Sundays and so on. For me the standout is ‘F’ -  Field Notes from Paris. One generous sprtiz and I had to buy a bottle. Here’s why……

Bergamot at the opening soon yields to orange flower and coriander seed. The sweet, citrusy orange the vibrates back and forth with spicy coriander seed – just gorgeous. At the heart, warm tobacco, earthy, musty patchouli and cool cedar are combined in perfect proportion so that not one note dominates. At the base, tonka bean and vanilla give it a soft sweetness, while leather gives it rich, warmth.

Ineke likes to tell stories with scent. Field Notes from Paris is about the time she spent in Paris while she was studying perfume, hanging out in cafés on the right bank    watching, smelling, experiencing and recording it all. Yep, it’s all there – the French penchant for orange flower, the smells of people – leather shoes, cigarettes -  the nod to classic perfume ingredients. What’s so striking about Field Notes from Paris is that there is no roughness, no harshness, just beautiful notes in perfect harmony.

Take note: this EDP is a real swooner. Thanks Saltridges!

Today, we're adding Field Notes from Paris to our fragrance sample offering. Decants are $5.00.