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Fleurs d'Oranger

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I gave this famous Serge Lutens white floral fragrance several serious tries over the past few years, and then I feel deeply in love with it. What happened to turn me from a liker to a lover? It turned out that Fleurs d’Oranger needed humidity. It needed to be worn by me in the dense wet heat of summer in order to bloom on my skin, and reveal its layered magic.
This fragrance is all about the white flowers of summer, starting with deliciously delicate orange blossom. Soon surrounded by its grown-up white floral sisters, jasmine and tuberose, Fleurs d’Oranger starts to sing the song of a summer day – sunshine, heat, showers, the wafting scent of delicate blooms on winding vines.
Joined by basenotes of sweet tropical hibiscus, musk, cumin and nutmeg, Fleurs d’Oranger becomes deeper and more sensual, changing its song to a fragrant summer evening, when the warm scented air on your skin in the darkness feels like a lover’s touch.
Complex, surprising, irresistible, magnificently feminine – one of the best of Serge Lutens florals.
Notes: orange blossom, white jasmine, Indian tuberose, white rose, citrus peel, hibiscus seeds, cumin and nutmeg.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Christopher Sheldrake

Price: $6.00