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Geo. F. Trumper Sandalwood – Let’s share this little gem – March 21, 2014 New Fragrance Listing


Photo -Wikimedia Commons - Geo. F. Trumper store, 9 Curzon Street, Mayfair, London

OK, ladies, before you rush off to do some multi-tasking because this is a men’s fragrance I’m talking about, go pour yourselves a nice cold glass of something – I find a Sauvignon Blanc works best - then come back and give this a read.

And gentlemen, I’m certain I already have your full attention because I’m talking about Sandalwood cologne by Geo. F. Trumper, the gentlemen’s barber and perfumer and iconic British purveyor of men’s toiletries located at 9 Curzon Street in Mayfair, London. They’ve been in that mahogany-lined male sanctum since 1876, and their colognes were part of the original product offering, along with their now world-famous shaving supplies, hair tonics,  soaps and creams. Marlborough Cologne and Wild Fern Cologne are classic fougeres from 1877, Sandalwood Cologne is from 2002 to honour the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, and according to the packaging, contains the best Indian sandalwood from Mysore. It's described on the website

“Mystery and sensuality smoulder beneath the velvet layers of our Sandalwood Cologne, whilst woody warm murmurs exude the suggestion of pepper from its sumptuous depths. The opulence of this sacred scent pays homage to the steely, masculine form. A truly masculine and luxurious scent.”

Well, OK, I’ll go with that description, but there is an important omission from this marketing hyperbole – the last sentence should read “A truly masculine and FEMININE and luxurious scent.”  I should know, because I’ve been wearing and loving Sandalwood since I first spritzed the tester on my wrists on a nasty wet snowy Tuesday morning in New London Pharmacy in NYC six weeks ago. I bought a bottle on the spot, and last time I checked, I’m still female.

Geo. F. Trumper is known for quality, and quality shines through in their Sandalwood cologne. If you’re a sandalwood lover, and not a sandalwood purist, then you will love Trumper’s Sandalwood as much as I do. Although the name infers that this is a one-note samba, featuring what I think is THE most sensuous woody note in perfumery, this Sandalwood is about so many more notes.

The male bits are at the top – citrus, herbs, and spices - bergamot, lemon, lavender, clary sage and spicy notes­­ – bright and lemony-citrus fresh, warmed by the spiced clove mix, with aromatic lavender to keep the chi flowing. It smells traditional and elegantly masculine in the first stage, but then the floral heart notes emerge and start fleshing out the manly bits with sumptuous curves. Indolic jasmine and spicy carnation mix with sweet red rose, leading the scent into a place of lustrous depth, the hints of sour sweaty geranium adding subtlety and intrigue. At this point in the dry-down, the sandalwood note has yet to make an appearance, but I really haven’t even noticed, because the development of this scent is so unexpectedly delicious.

And then the sandalwood floats by my nose, definitely smooth and velvety and creamy, like the waft of sandalwood dust from the finest sandpaper smoothing the wood to a satin finish. Into the dry-down, the aromatic sandalwood wraps around the curvy floral heart, layered on top of a soft accord of patchouli, amber and vanilla, with hints of soft sueded leather. A perfectly seamless blend of wood, herbs, resins, and ….mmmmmm.

Just for men? I don't think so. Sandalwood is smooth, rich, and downright sensuous. I’m not certain if that’s what the perfumers at Geo. F. Trumper intended for their very masculine cologne, but that’s what I think they ended up with. Somewhat strong and sharp at the beginning, Sandalwood becomes warmer, sweeter, mellow, and definitely opulent, as it dries down.

A perfect scent for a confident man, or an adventurous woman, it is sandalwood, and so much more.

Sandalwood is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00.

Geo. F. Trumper Sandalwood is Unisex.