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Green Water


Green Water is a new version of the  original Green Water from 1946 which was created by perfumer Vincent Roubert for iconic French fashion designer Jacques Fath. There have been a couple of iterations since then, 1993 and 2005, but neither came close to the original.

Designed as a masculine, Green Water was built around three notes, neroli, mint, and moss, with the bitter-orange orange blossom note, neroli, as the star from top to bottom, but neither of the two newer versions managed to achieve the perfect balance of the original and capture its glorious verdancy, until Cecile Zarokian in 2016. Cecile is a young independent perfumer whose star continues to rise with each new success - Parfums MDCI Cio Cio San and Nuit Andalouse, Amouage Epic Woman, Jovoy Private Label, Masque Milano Tango, Jule et Mad Aqua Sextius, Puredistance Sheiduna are just a few of the exceptional scents in her body of work.

Cecile’s version of Green Water for the new Fath’s Essentials line is very close to the original, which she says was achieved by using high quality raw materials in high concentrations, especially the neroli. But the scent has a modern vibe through the addition of an herbal accord around the mint note in the heart, and a touch of ambergris and musk in the green base. You can read Cecile’s story about creating Green Water in this interview by

Green Water is just wonderful. The opening accord is fresh, rich rather than sharp, with lemony-orange citrus notes and a hint of slightly sweetened spearmint. The mint deepens and is drawn out with wafts of herbs, tarragon, basil, caraway into the heart, becoming almost spicy before drifting into a cloud of green vetiver and oakmoss. The drydown into the base has a relaxed refined quality, the mint disappears and the floral bitter-orange of the neroli mixes with the herbs, grass, and moss, making the green accord feel open and expansive. With the addition of musk notes in the far dry-down, Green Water becomes even more interesting, and conveys a quiet sensuality with a controlled sillage that lasts for hours.  

Notes: neroli, bergamot, mandarin orange, orange and lemon; basil, tarragon, mint, clove and caraway; vetiver, oakmoss, ambergris and musk.

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Cécile Zarokian



Price: $5.00