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GROOM Wedding Pack 2019



For your wedding day, you want something on the light side, not overpowering or room-filling. Something, that when you lean into each other, you get a calming sense of the nearness of your betrothed. Something you share just with each other in a room full of people.

GROOM Wedding Pack 2019

Four 1 ml. decants for $16.00 plus shipping, regular price $20.00

Jil Sander Man– Jil Sander

What makes this the perfect choice for a groom on his wedding day? Jil Sander Man has a vintage feel at the start but evolves into distinctive, and unique modern fragrance that stays close to the skin, quietly exuding a handsome, confident, manliness for hours.The way it performs and the way it smells. It opens with a swoosh of citrusy, bitter bergamot. As the bitterness fades, bergamot’s fruity and aromatic facets come forward, and are picked by lavender and powdery violet. It’s elegant, floral and sweet but definitely on the masculine side. As it blooms, sage warms it with a gentle peppery, spiciness before it gets dry, woody and smoky from vetiver. At the base, the woodiness is deepened by cedarwood, while bitter, resinous myrrh makes it darker, pushed on by bitter, herbal, artemesia. There is a thread of camphour that plays on the edge of the darkness. It starts with the sage, is echoed by the cedar and arrives with the balsamic aspect of the myrrh. A note of Russian leather is quiet and mellow. The drydown is resinous, woody and aromatic while being elegant and polished.

PG20 L’eau Guerrière– Parfumerie Générale -  Earthy, grassy, musky, and sexy.

The opening of L’Eau Guerrière,or Warrior Water, is citrusy and herbal and aromatic, sparkling and fresh. Then it softens as it dries down with a distant woods and incense accord, but when the musk note appears, L’Eau Guerrière, puts on its sexy face. The mix of musk and incense feels a little dangerous, a little exotic, with wafts of leather and hints of the unmistakable aroma of green marijuana. In the end the musky incense becomes a soft subtle accord, almost contemplative, and L’Eau Guerrièrerelaxes into skin scent par excellence, lasting deliciously all through the night. Definitely wedding-worthy….

Lui– Guerlain - A true Him/Her beauty 

The French pronoun Lui can refer to Her or Him. Created as a” gender-free fragrance, a universal perfume for the new gender order”, Lui is about benzoin, the balsamic resin note that’s similar to vanilla and makes amber smell warm and comforting and powerful. Not dark, or loud, or polarizing, Lui’s  balsamic core creates a soft honeyed effect of velvety sueded leather, vanilla and musk which becomes surprisingly light and almost transparent. Lui dries down with its notes in soothing harmony, radiating a powerful “lean-in” quality, alternately floral, powdery, spicy, woody and softly sensual. Accented with pale wafts of smoke, the low sillage is intimate and lasts on skin for hours. Lui is perfection on a groom or a bride, or a groom AND a bride, a shared private scent on their Wedding Day.

Sartorial– Penhaligon’s

This is where the classic fougère meets the 21stcentury.Lavender combined with leather and modernized with beeswax all resting on a base of oakmoss and musk, jazzed up with amber, cedarwood, patchouli and myrrh. Tonka bean and vanilla add the perfect touch of sweetness. Sartorial is the perfect gentleman’s fragrance – never loud or harsh but masculine, refined and elegant. It’s a beautiful way to start a new life.

Price: $16.00