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Gucci Rush

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This is one modern perfume that should be sampled by every perfumista. According to Perfumes The A – Z Guide, designer Tom Ford took two seconds after smelling the final Rush formula to approve it for Gucci.

It was created by Michel Almairac as a modern chypre, which he designed to work a little differently than the great traditional chypres, like Guerlain’s Mitsouko. Rush is a rich mix of fruity, floral and mossy accords, rather than a series of notes, and plays like a blues band instead of a symphony – the bass notes hit you right off the top and keep your blood pounding right through to the end.

Reading through the comments on various websites, it’s obvious that Rush is one of those “love it or hate it scents.” Why?  Well, the bottle is your first clue – glossy red-patent plastic shaped like a downsized VCR, or a flat pack of smokes, with silver and orange letters - this is not your traditional perfume bottle. I like it.

And then there’s the scent, with the accords weaving in and out – medicinal and vegetal, fruity and slightly metallic, creamy and floral, earthy and woody. It seems some people get hung up on the medicinal and metallic accords, which to my nose are short-lived but really interesting, and then they miss the  wonderful milky florals, brightened with peach, and the earthy mossy woods, shining with vetiver, sweetened with vanilla.
And Rush has a distinctive voice, which commands attention. The sillage is like “surround sound” – it envelops you – and it’s tenacious, so the fragrance must be applied lightly, with consideration for the occasion and your surroundings. One spritz shared with neck and wrists is all you need. That said, the sillage is gorgeous , an extremely soft and feminine aura, shiny and translucent like a sheer silver veil.

Gucci Rush was one of the first of the contemporary fruity/florals, and it was done perfectly. It's the benchmark in the category.
Notes: freesia, gardenia, cardamom, jasmine, rose, peach, patchouli, vetiver, musks and vanilla.
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Michel Almairac

Price: $5.00