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From the Annick Goutal website description for Heure Exquise:

"A sophisticated trail of Turkish rose, a gentle powdery base of iris from Florence and Mysore sandalwood. This fragrance recreates the atmosphere of a rose garden that blossoms with the passing of each exquisite hour."
Heure Exquise is, quite simply, a stunner. Aldehydic  and intensely green out of the bottle, it let’s you know from the very first milli-seconds that this is a REAL perfume, made from QUALITY ingredients, by  a TRUE master - in fact, it was created by Annick Goutal and her mentor, Henri Sorsana, in 1984.
From the sharp, sophisticated start of peppery rose and resinous galbanum, the scent moves into the iris heart, a little soapy at first and then changing into the perfect dry, powdery iris note, with hints of leather and damp earth. The dry-down offers sandalwood, a creamy, woody incense note when mixed with the iris and rose, with the slightest hints of dark vanilla and almond.
The sillage is full, rich, and wonderful.
Notes: Turkish rose, galbanum, iris, Mysore sandalwood.
Type: EdT
Parfumeurs: Annick Goutal and Henri Sorsana

Price: $5.00