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Hockey Night "Man Smells" Pack


Gwen: Any guy would feel great wearing these fragrances – these are terrific “man smells”! They’re masculine, and manly, and, well, very male!
Kay: Perfect for guys who love hockey and those that don’t.
Gwen: Puck bunnies will love ‘em too. I mean, there’s no penalty for sniffin', and smelling great always scores in my book..

Hockey Night "Man Smells" Pack - 4 decant samples for $12.00

Bulgari Black – Bulgari - a slight smell of smoldering rubber which comes from the  Lapsang Souchong tea which gives it a bit of a smoky edge, and is soon followed by rosewood and cedarwood, vanilla and musk which soften and round out the rubber smell making it a real swooner.
Eau du Fier – Annick Goutal – it smells of tar and smoke and new car. It opens with tar and bitter orange, then gets smoky and leathery from tea. Osmanthus and sea flower give it a floral/fruity note along with a slight sweetness, while clove gives it spicy warmth.
Knize Ten – Knize -When the amber and other basenotes kick in, Knize Ten becomes this stupendously wonderful leather scent, smoky, warm and aromatic like the leather seats in an old Austin-Healey sportscar.
Méchant Loup – L’Artisan Parfumeur - Obviously a man’s fragrance, but with enough sweetness that it draws the female nose like bees to flowers, it’s a rich dry chypre with top-notes of  hazelnut and honey, and a rich sinuous,  resinous foresty dry-down.

Price: $12.00