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Holiday Season Decant Pack 2018


Gwen: Hey, Kay, the first snow fall of the season last night inspired me to look up some of our past blogs on Christmas. They’re kinda fun.

Kay: We sure had fun writing them!  Our readers always love the decant packs that we offer for the Holiday season.

Gwen: Well, let’s give them a little Christmas cheer this year too.

Kay: Am I thinking what you’re thinking?

Gwen: I think you are.

Kay: Sort of like our Christmas Pack from a few years ago, which was all about the traditional smells of Christmas in the North.

Gwen: Mind reader! I smell spices, and incense, and chestnuts and fireplaces, and pine trees…

Kay: And shortbread and eggnog and oranges and rum, and Grandpa’s pipe tobacco…

Gwen: Doesn’t the holiday season smell great?

Kay: Just wait till you smell the Holiday Season 2018 Decant Pack.

Gwen: Kay, I think I just got elfed! I just got this huge, powerful urge to buy one of our own Holiday Season 2018 Decant Packs. I have to know…what’s in it?

Kay: MMMmmm! Fabulous frags,  a few gourmands, some woods, some leather, some new, some old.  Here it is….AND it’s 20% off regular price. Our readers deserve a Holiday discount!     

Holiday Season 2018 Decant Pack

Ten 1 ml. decants of exceptional Holiday scents, regular price $54.00for $44.00, plus shipping.  


The traditional smells of Christmas in the North…for all perfume lovers!

Caravelle Epicé - spices and fruits, eggnog and rum, the smell of Christmas celebrations.

Déclaration  - bitter citrus, spicy/salty, woody. Martini, anyone?

Vanilla Marble – vanilla and almond, delicate, dreamy and delicious

Idole – rum, spices, sweet tobacco. Party time!

Orange Star – bitter orange, incense, amber, rich comfort

Castagna – spicy, earthy, sweet chestnuts…roasting, like the song

Rhinoceros – leather, rum, smoky woods

Fille en Aiguilles – resinous pine, earthy and green – Holiday boughs

L'Eau d'Ambre Extrême – spicy, peppery, uncomplicated warmth  

Cardinal – incense, cool and clear on a cold dark night

Gwen: This sounds so delicious, so good, that I’m going to buy TWO packs, one for me and one for you! I’ve definitely been elfed! Maybe I elfed myself…

Kay: Maybe you are an elf! After all, it is nearly Christmas.....

The Holiday Season 2018 Decant Pack is listed in our Decant Store.

Ten 1 ml. decants of exceptional Holiday scents, for all perfume lovers. Regular price $54.00 for $44.00, plus shipping.